Espresso Shot and Milk Workshop

Included :

  1. Course completion Certificate
  2. A 12oz bag of in-house roasted coffee of your choice
  3. A 20% discount on the monthly roasted coffee subscription if interested to sign up for one

Workshop Detail

Additional information


2.5 hours

Class size

2-5 participants


Origin Coffee Lab & Kitchen


25 February 2021 6PM
27 February 2021 8PM

Whether you are starting out in the industry, an avid home barista, or just a huge espresso drinker, this workshop is great for anyone wanting to understand the variables you need to control to get a perfect shot.

We will begin by delving into the world of espresso and showing you the steps that need to be followed every single time to have consistency in your brewing. We will then focus on milk texturing and how we can get to the ideal consistency and temperature that will help you create a beautiful latte art.

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