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Often you will hear the term “Single Origin” (also known as a varietal) when discussing coffee.  Single Origin refers to the country where the coffee is grown.  The name of the country will often be followed by the growing region and sometimes the farm as well.  For instance, among Guatemalan coffees, there are three regions.  Coffee from each region is referred to as single origin due to the unique characteristics of each region, despite the fact that it comes from the same country. In Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Antigua, and Hue Hue Tenango, are the three primary growing regions, each producing distinct and unique coffees.

Similarly, when you hear about African Coffee, this refers to the coffee that originates from several different countries that are home to multiple coffee-producing regions. For instance, it can refer to Ethiopian Coffee, which includes coffee from origins such as Sidamo and Harrar. Or it could refer to Kenyan coffee, which includes coffees from the Mount Kenya and Nyanza regions.

Ultimately though, single origin coffee will be identified (on each burlap bag!) by the individual country of origin, followed by information pertaining to the growing region and/or specific farm.

Such as these single origins:  Guatemala Antigua * Hawaii Kona, Greenwell Farms * San Jose Estate Nicaragua Jinotega

Origin`s specialty BLENDS, incorporate two or more single-origin coffees to create a unique coffee blend that may be even better than the sum of its parts!

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